Causes of bleeding ears

bleeding ears, health tipsBleeding ears due to the damage in ear drums, ear canal or the middle ear. It contains pus, blood, fluid and wax. The common cause of bleeding ear is the ruptured eardrum. The eardrum may tear or hole on it. This cause the person to experience loss of hearing. The eardrum is act like a barrier to germs and it prevents the germs entering into the inner ear. (The damage in the eardrum can allow the foreign bodies to enter into the inner ear and it makes damages to the ear).

• Some may use a sharp object in the ear. It makes scratches on the sides. It causes the ears to bleed. The outer area can be cured soon by leaving it freely.
• The ear infection may cause the bleeding
• Cancer may cause the bleeding
• Loud noise may make the ear bleed
• Head Trauma
These are all some causes of bleedings from the ear.

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